Hillside Dental

The Latest Technology to
Provide the Safest,
Most Comfortable Care
The technology and equipment used at Hillside Dental represents the latest, most trusted and proven technology in the dental industry. This is of upmost importance to us as we strive to deliver our dental care in the most efficient and comfortable manner possible.

One of the important things we do for our patients is identifying and filling cavities. Since even the smallest spot of decay can threaten the integrity of the entire tooth, finding and filling cavities before they get too big is key to preventing further problems. Cavities often hide along grooves on biting (occlusal) surfaces of our teeth. Cavities in these areas can be difficult to detect manually with a dental instrument. For this reason, we've invested in DIAGNOdent: a revolutionary new laser device that gives us a thorough means of detecting cavities, and gives you a fast, easy, painless and nearly imperceptible exam.

To protect our patients from any possible harmful effects from radiation, we use digital radiography, which decreases radiation by more than 90 percent compared to conventional dental X-rays. To take a digital x-ray of your teeth, we insert a tiny sensor camera into your mouth. The X-rays are then instantly transmitted to a computer screen, where we will review them with you as we offer treatment options.

We use an intraoral camera—about the size of a pen—to help you and us clearly see the condition of your mouth. We can significantly zoom in on small diseased areas, cracks, chips and worn metal fillings. These images are then displayed on a computer screen so that you can view the areas we'll be treating, making procedures more understandable. The intraoral camera is a revolutionary diagnostic dental tool that lets us more easily identify potential problems within the mouth.

We give you options and show you the possibilities using the CAESY patient information system. This multi-media system gives patients access to information about treatment options and procedures. We inform you visually, in writing, and through conversations on how to improve your smile and your dental health. We believe patients should be well informed when it comes to all levels of their dental care so they can understand how current and future dental care will affect the overall health of your smile.

Our system of safety protocols reduces the chance for cross-contamination. These include heat and chemical sterilization. All our instruments are bagged, then heat-sterilized after each patient's use in a process called autoclaving. We keep our storage areas sterilized, and our counters and drawers are designed to be easily disinfected. Any items unable to be sterilized are disposed of.

This technology uses radio waves to change gum tissue coverage or re-contour unhealthy, short gum lines, as well as accident victims with damaged gums. Similar to laser surgery but without high-intensity heat, radio surgery eliminates the discomfort of the scalpel, causes no bleeding, and produces effective results without tissue inflammation. Our application of radio surgery creates a worry-free dental experience with significantly increased recovery time.

Get the information you need to make the best decisions for your dental care or for your family, quickly. Estimating insurance coverage can be frustrating when your expectations and ours do not coincide with your insurance provider. Electronic processing gives us better information in a timely basis. We are able to quickly develop a financing plan when you're ready to restore, renew and revitalize your smile.

This brushing technology is far beyond electric and manual toothbrushes. Sonicare cleans with a combination of high-speed brushing (31,000 strokes per minute) and sonic wave action. It's sonic technology is proven to remove plaque without the bristles touching the plaque itself. It reaches plaque in hard to reach places. It is gentle on gums and sensitive teeth and yet is powerful enough to reverse gingivitis, an early form of gum disease. It is also proven to remove 80 percent of coffee, tea and tobacco stains.