While summer vacation is perfect for spending time with friends and family, summer vacation can throw off your usual dental routine. Here are some ways to prevent summertime tooth decay:

Stay on a Routine

Brushing and flossing routinely is very important in the summer, as in the other seasons as well. But with how eventful the summer can be with vacations, days at the pool, camp and other fun days in the sun, don’t be surprised if you will need to remind your kids to brush and floss. Don’t allow your kids to skip brushing before a late bedtime or let it slide when they wake up late in the morning. Simple things such as a brushing calendar can help everyone stay on track; calendars are available for you at our office if you would like one!

Now’s the Time for Checkups

Now that school is out for the summer, schedule your child now instead of waiting until right before school begins. It is a good idea to schedule your back-to-school appointment now to avoid the August rush and insure you get the appointment time that works best for you.  Scheduling your appointment at the end of the school year can help avoid dental problems over summer. The last thing you want is your child suffering from a toothache while on a summer vacation!

Say No to Sugary Drinks and Snacks

As the temperature rises, it’s common for families to sip on sugary drinks and eat sugary snacks while at sporting events, festivals, camping, or any community event. Watch your families intake of juice, lemonade or soda. Be sure to offer water to beat the heat! Instead of allowing your child to snack throughout the day, have your child let you know when they are hungry and offer smarter snack options.  Our hygienists can offer more suggestions to keep your smile healthy!