Family Dentistry

No cavity bell

Hillside Dental welcomes all ages from the youngest toddler to mature adults.  We offer everything from routine exams to specialized cosmetic procedures using modern dental techniques in a comforting and warm environment. It is our goal make every patient feel like a part of Our Family. We will listen to your concerns about your smile and oral health, and provide clear and easy-to-understand solutions to make you happy, comfortable and confident with your smile. 

Comfort Dentistry

For your comfort and relaxation, we offer all of our patients the following amenities:

  • Coffee, tea, and filtered water 
  • Music and headphones during procedures
  • Topical anesthetic before numbing

If you experience dental fear or anxiety, our doctors can help put you at ease.  We offer the following options to help make your visit a positive one.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” which is the most frequently used method of sedation dentistry to calm dental anxiety. The odorless, colorless gas is administered through a nosepiece, resulting in complete relaxation for the patient. Once the procedure is complete, the patient is able to return to normal and drive home.

Oral Sedation

Hillside Dental provides oral sedation dentistry to help calm dental anxiety, and no needles are required. Taken about an hour before the appointment, the prescribed pill helps patients feel calm and relaxed.