Keeping Your Dental Visits

The Washington Post (7/2, Searing) included dental visits in a list of “five health practices that experts say you might want to reconsider delaying” despite the coronavirus pandemic. Dental problems “early on – like very small decay in a tooth – rarely have symptoms, so people often aren’t aware they have a problem until a dentist examines their teeth, said [Dr.] Chad Gehani, president of the American Dental Association.” Hence “the recommended checkups and cleanings every three, six or 12 months, depending on the person’s oral health status, ‘to help spot dental health problems when treatment is effective and more affordable,’ he said.”

        In addition, Dr. Rob Davidson, an emergency physician in West Michigan, shared in a video discussion on MSNBC (7/2) that he considers the risk of dental problems from delaying care greater than the risk of contracting the virus at the dentist.

       If you are experiencing any dental health issues please call our office and schedule an appointment.