The Gift of Life

As many of you may know Ann, a Dental Hygienist at Hillside Dental, is about to make a huge change in someone’s life.  Next week Ann will undergo surgery to remove one of her kidneys.   She will become a living organ donor!

Ann was tested and it was determined that her blood type, her Human Leukocyte Antigen(HLA), and her Donor Specific Antibody levels were all a correct match for the recipient.   Due to the recipient’s family genetic predisposition, they were not able to be the donor.  Ann then completed a full medical evaluation to determine that her body was healthy to be a kidney donor.

The statistics are astounding:  Currently 123,000 Americans are on a waiting list for a kidney donation.  Only 17,000 people on the list will receive a kidney this year.  12 people will die each day this year waiting for a kidney donation.

When asked about her upcoming surgery Ann said that she felt honored and blessed to be able to do this for someone else.  She is an inspiration to us all at Hillside Dental!

We will keep you posted on Ann’s recovery!

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