HPV Causing “Epidemic Of Oral Cancer” In Men

The Philadelphia Inquirer (3/6, McCullough) reports that HPV is “unleashing an epidemic of oral cancer among men.” The article reports that “men are four times more likely than women to be diagnosed with oral cancer,” which has “overtaken cervical cancer as the most common HPV-related malignancy in the United States.” The article states that this trend is due in part to men’s immune response, explaining that “compared with women, men are more likely to get infected with HPV – including ‘high-risk’ cancer-causing strains,” and “they also are less able to wipe out infection on their own, and more likely to get reinfected.” The authors of one study examining HPV in men, said, “HPV vaccination is the only reliable method to ensure immune protection against new HPV infections and subsequent disease in males.”

Dentists can refer patients to MouthHealthy.org, ADA’s consumer website, for information on oral cancer and HPV and oral cancer. JADA For the Patient also includes the articles, Oral cancer: What to do if something unusual shows up and What you should know about oral cancer.

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