Researchers Develop Technique To Regenerate Dental Tissue.

IFL Science (1/15, Hamilton) states that using stem cells to regenerate dental tissue is challenging, because “if the stem cells are haphazardly placed in the root canal, they won’t know where to grow the pulp and where to grow the dentin.” To help ensure the correct placement, scientists from Temple University “constructed a bilayered scaffold to guide the cells’ growth, one that could mimic the closed and porous nature of dentin and pulp, respectively.”

In a release on Newswise (1/11), Professor Peter Lelkes, department chair of bioengineering, said, “The beauty of the system is that we have shown in vitro [test tube] that we can engineer a two-sided scaffold, and can guide the stem cells to differentiate into both pulp cells and dentin, producing odontoblasts that will eventually repair the root canal.” The findings were published in the journal Tissue Engineering.