Why is sugar so bad for your teeth?

A lot of people are aware of eating and drinking sugary foods is bad for your teeth and over all health. But what does sugar really do to your teeth?

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that feeds on sugars from food and drinks. That bacteria – called plaque – can stick to your teeth, producing acids that eat through the enamel on your teeth. Saliva helps rinse out your mouth and neutralize that process.

Sugar sweetened beverages (pop, sports drinks, etc.) have high levels of sugar and drinking these can significantly contribute to tooth decay. Candies with lots of sugar and  sugary gum can  have the same effect.

Switching to drinks and foods with the label ‘sugar free’ will help take away the chance of getting tooth decay and improve oral health. Xylitol is also a great natural sweetener that actually boosts oral health and helps prevent tooth decay. Many chewing gums add xylitol instead of sugar to sweeten it.

Hillside Dental offers different Xylitol products including: mints, chewing gum, and candies. At your next appointment be sure to pick some up for yourself when the sweet tooth hits this holiday season!

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