5 work habits that can wreck your teeth

It’s those daily habits we do and don’t think about until its too late and something cracks, breaks off, or falls out of our mouth.  Then we do a “face palm” and realize that it was something we shouldn’t have done.  What follows are 5 of those habits we can resolve to quit and save our teeth in the year ahead:

  1. Using your teeth as tools: Don’t tear off a piece of tape with your teeth, rip open packaging with your incisors or hold pins in your mouth. Why not? You’ll chip away at your enamel and risk breaking your teeth. Instead, use scissors or other tools.
  2. Chewing on pens and pencils: Don’t bite on your pen or pencil as you work. Why not? You’ll wear down the edges of your teeth, potentially causing a toothache and fractures.
  3. Your daily cuppa joe: ‘Sip all day get decay’. Avoid keeping a large mug of coffee at your desk. Why not? You’ll dry out your mouth, leading to bad breath and cavities. Plus, you’ll stain your teeth over time. And if you’re using creamer with lots of sugars, that can lead straight to tooth decay. Instead, choose green tea for a caffeine boost. If you can’t go without coffee, skip the sugar and follow it with a glass of water.
  4. Taking a smoke break: Don’t smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Why not? Besides causing lung cancer, smoking also multiplies your risk of oral cancer, tooth loss, gum disease and even cavities. Even e-cigarettes, which still contain nicotine, can harm gum health. Instead, ask your doctor for help quitting.
  5. Leaving your toothbrush at home: Don’t wait till you get home to brush and floss. Why not? Plaque starts forming on your teeth immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it is to remove. Instead, keep a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a container of floss in your desk or bag to use after lunch.

If you have experienced an “unintended” consequence of one or more of these work habits we can help get your smile back on track!  Call Hillside Dental to set up an appointment.

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