6 New Year’s Resolutions for Dental Health

New year means new healthy resolutions. A good place to start your new resolutions is the mouth. Making resolutions attainable help achieving them much easier. Here are some tips and tricks to jump start your oral health resolutions:

Avoiding Gum Disease

Daily brushing and flossing will help prevent gum disease. Picking up the habit of brushing at least twice a day, using a toothpaste with fluoride in it, and flossing once a day is the first way of avoiding gum disease. 

Dental Cleaning

Keeping up with your professional dental cleanings is important. It’s not easy to keep those hard to reach areas clean and that’s why we have dental hygienists. If it’s been more then 6 months since your last cleaning, give us a call at Hillside to get your appointment scheduled.  

Quitting Tobacco

Stop using tobacco and if you don’t use tobacco, continue staying away from it. Tobacco causes many different health risks, including risks to your oral health.

Improve your Smile 

There are several ways to improve your smile: teeth whitening is one way we can help. Call Hillside and schedule an appointment if you are interested in brightening up your smile. Tobacco, wine, coffee, and tea can also cause staining, making your teeth appear darker. Whitening and regular teeth cleanings can help you avoid or remove any staining. 

Restoring Teeth

New year brings new benefits with some insurances. This can be a good time to get some dental work done. Crowns, implants, and fillings help preserve tooth structure and maintain strong teeth. 

Preserving Teeth

Teeth grinding can be caused by stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, abnormal bite, or teeth that are missing or out of alignment. Symptoms include dull headaches, jaw soreness, painful teeth, or fractured tooth surfaces. If you’re concerned about teeth grinding, give Hillside a call and we can schedule a consultation.

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